The Maxill Flexible Toothbrush is a premium secure toothbrush for patients in healthcare and hospital facilities where safety is at a hyper premium. It is the safest toothbrush on the market, but doesn’t come at a hyper premium price.

The textured grip makes this brush easy to handle, while its rubber-based body provides an unparalleled level of tamper resistance. Maxill Flexible Toothbrush is part of the Maxill family of hospital-grade rubber products that has been on the market for over 25 years and has gained acceptance as the premium ultra-safe toothbrush.

Key Features:

  • For high-risk settings
  • Tamper resistant
  • Weapon-proof, non-shank design
  • Full-size brush head
  • High-quality DuPont bristles
  • 4.25 (11cm) total length
  • Totally flexible handle
  • Suitable for oral application

Individually Cello Wrapped:

  • Blue (#02450-BLUE)
  • Orange (#2450-ORANGE)
  • 100 brushes per box